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1. bastardize
2. botch
3. bring shame to
4. bungle
5. cave in
6. collapse
7. compromise
8. contaminate
9. damage
10. defile
11. destroy
12. destroy completely
13. devastate
14. fall in
15. foul up
16. give way
17. goof
18. harm
19. mar
20. mess up
21. ruin
22. screw up
23. spoil
24. taint
25. wreck
Phrases with rovinare found: 5  

Italian-English dictionary
   andare in rovina
  be on the decline
  go downhill
  go to pot

Italian-English dictionary
   cadere in rovina

Italian-English dictionary
   essere rovinato
  be scuffed
  be scuffed up

Italian-English dictionary
   in rovina
  shabby and neglected

Italian-English dictionary
   rovinarsi al gioco
  gamble away

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