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See also: sicura,   sicuro


1. assured
2. bound
3. by all means
4. certain
5. certainly
6. confident
7. definite
8. foolproof
9. infallible
10. positive
11. safe
12. secure
13. self-assured
14. self-confident
15. sound
16. sure
17. sure of oneself
18. unharmed
19. very good
20. very well
21. wise
22. without risk

Phrases with  sicuro

di sicuro

essere sicuro
be certain; be definite; be sure; tell

mettere al sicuro
lock up; secure

poco sicuro
unsafe; insecure; risky

rendere sicuro

sicuro di sé
assertive; positive; confident; cocksure; self-confident; self-assured; sure of oneself; assured

troppo sicuro di sé
cocksure; cocky; overconfident