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See also: stame,   stare


1. abide
2. be located
3. lie
4. stay

Phrases with  stare

ammonire di stare alla larga da
warn off

far stare in piedi
make stick

far stare zitto
hush; make quiet

lasciare stare
leave it at that; leave alone; let someone be; let someone alone; leave someone alone; let alone

lasciare stare qualcosa
let something be

lasciare stare qualcuno
leave someone be

lasciar stare
let rest

stare a
stick to

stare a cavalcioni

stare a guardare
look on; watch

stare a indicare

stare a letto fino a tardi
sleep in

stare alla larga da
keep away from; keep off; let alone; leave alone

stare alle calcagna di qualcuno
tread on someone's heels

stare al punto
stick to the point; stay with the subject

stare alzato
sit up; stay up late

stare alzato fino a tardi
sit up; stay up late

stare appartato
keep oneself apart from; not mix with

stare aspettando
be waiting; be ready

stare attento
pay attention to; attend to; be wary; watch out; beware; look out; mind; be careful

stare attento a
mind; beware of; guard against; pay attention to; watch

stare bene
suit; fit; match

stare con
stay with

stare con la schiena curva

stare dalla parte di
stand up for

stare fermo
keep still; lie still; stay put; stand still; sit still

stare in ansia per
fret over; brood over; worry about; be concerned about; be worried about

stare in guardia
be careful; be wary; beware; watch out; mind; look out

stare in guardia contro
guard against; beware of

stare in pensiero
feel anxious; trouble; worry

stare in piedi
stand; be upright

stare lontano da
stay away from; keep away from; keep off; stand clear of; stand aloof from; leave alone; let alone

stare male
be ill; suffer; be sick; ail

stare nascosto
keep out of sight

stare seduto
be sitting; be seated; sit

stare sulle proprie
not mix with; keep oneself apart from

stare sveglio
stay awake; watch