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See also: cocar, focar, socar, toca,   tocar, tomar, trocar


1. affect
2. blare
3. bray
4. bring up
5. broach
6. execute
7. feel
8. get to
9. go off
10. handle
11. jingle
12. knock
13. mention
14. move
15. peal out
16. perform
17. play
18. play on
19. rap
20. reach
21. ring
22. sound
23. stir
24. strike
25. tinkle
26. toll
27. toot
28. touch
29. wail

Phrases with  tocar

tocar a buzina

tocar a buzina

tocar em duas cordas

tocar o mesmo disco
hammer away at

tocar a buzina

não tocar
keep away from

tocar o mesmo disco
keep going on about

não tocar
keep off; leave alone; let alone; let something be

tocar num assunto cuidadosamente com alguém
make a cautious approach to someone

voltar a tocar
play back

tocar a buzina

tocar em
touch on; touch upon

tocar trombeta