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See also:   abajo, abato, atajo, bajo


1. at the bottom (place)
2. below (adverb)
3. below (beneath)
4. beneath (adverb)
5. beneath (below)
6. down (position)
7. down (direction)
8. downstairs (building)
9. downward (direction)
10. downwards (direction)
11. going down (direction)
12. on the first floor (building)
13. under (adverb)
14. underneath (adverb)

Phrases with  abajo

abajo citado
mentioned below
(writing); undermentioned (writing)

abajo desde
out of
(position); down from (position)

boca abajo
upside down
(opposite); prone (position)

conducir cuesta abajo
drive down

conducir hacia abajo
drive down

de abajo
(below); below (beneath); from under (position)

hacia abajo
(quantity); downward (direction); downwards (direction); down (direction); going down (direction)

indicado abajo
(writing); mentioned below (writing)

ir cuesta abajo
go downhill
(person); go downhill (direction); be on the decline (person); deteriorate (person)

mirar hacia abajo
look down

río abajo
(river); downstream (river)

venirse abajo
break down
(psychiatry); crack (psychiatry); topple (prices); tumble (prices); plummet (prices); come down (fall); take a downward plunge (prices); drop down (fall)