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See also:   bicicleta, bicicletas

bicicleta f

1. bicycle (vehicles)
2. bike (vehicles)
3. cycle (vehicles)

Phrases with  bicicleta

bicicleta de ejercicio
exercise bike
(sports); exercise bicycle (sports)

bicicleta estática
exercise bicycle
(sports); exercise bike (sports)

camino de bicicletas
cycle path
(traffic); bike way (traffic); bicycle path (traffic); cycle track (traffic); bicycle track (traffic)

plataforma para bicicletas
bicycle stand
(bicycle); bicycle rack (bicycle); bike rack (bicycle); bike stand (bicycle)

senda de bicicletas
cycle track
(traffic); bicycle track (traffic); bicycle path (traffic); bike way (traffic); cycle path (traffic)

sendero de bicicletas
bike way
(traffic); bicycle track (traffic); cycle path (traffic); cycle track (traffic); bicycle path (traffic)

soporte para bicicletas
bicycle stand
(bicycle); bike rack (bicycle); bicycle rack (bicycle); bike stand (bicycle)

timbre de bicicleta
bike bell
(bicycle); bell (bicycle)