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cuenta f

account (responsibility)

cuento m

account (event)

cuenta f

1. account (banking)
2. bead (jewelry)
3. bill (restaurant)
4. bill (payment)


calculate (mathematics)

cuenta f

1. calculating (counting)
2. check (restaurant)
3. computing (counting)


1. count (importance)
2. count (mathematics)
3. count in (calculation)

cuenta f

counting (calculating)


1. describe (story)
2. do a calculation (mathematics)
3. do calculations (mathematics)
4. enumerate (mathematics)

cuenta f

explanation (responsibility)


include (calculation)

cuenta f

1. invoice (payment)
2. justification (responsibility)


1. make calculations (mathematics)
2. narrate (story)

cuento m

narrative (event)


1. reckon (mathematics)
2. recount (story)
3. relate (story)

cuento m

1. short story (general)
2. story (fiction)
3. story (event)

cuenta f

tab (restaurant)

cuento m

1. tale (fiction)
2. tale (event)


1. tally up (calculation)
2. tell (story)
3. tell about (story)

Phrases with  contemos

adornado con cuentas

al contado
(payment); outright (purchase)

almacenes de venta al contado
cash-and-carry store
(store); cash-and-carry (store)

cargar en cuenta

censora jurada de cuentas

censor jurado de cuentas

comprar algo al contado
buy something outright
(goods); pay for something outright (goods); purchase something outright (goods)

contar al revés
count down

contar con
reckon with
(plan); anticipate (expect); trust (person); reckon on (estimation); rely on (general); rely on (person); depend on (person); account for (plan); expect (anticipate); count on (person); count on (wish); depend upon (person); count on (estimation); expect (wish)

contar cuentos a alguien
take someone for a ride
(deception); tell someone tales (deception)

contar de nuevo

contar mal
(number )

contar reminiscencias

cuenta a cargo
charge account

cuenta bancaria
bank account

cuenta corriente
checking account

cuenta de ahorros
savings account

cuenta de gastos
expense account
(business company)

cuenta de giros
Giro account

cuenta regresiva

cuento de hadas
fairy tale

dar cuentas por
answer for
(responsibility); justify oneself for (responsibility); give account of oneself for (responsibility)

darse cuenta
(understand); tell (certainty); understand (catch on); be sure (certainty); catch on (understand); learn (understand)

darse cuenta de
(feeling); recognize (mental sensation); get wind of (secret); smell out (secret); discover (secret); be aware of (mind); note (attention); realize (mind); realize (mental sensation); find out (secret); become aware of (feeling); learn (secret); be conscious of (mind); observe (attention)

dinero al contado
hard cash
(money); cash (money); ready (money); ready money (money)

dormir más de la cuenta

encargarse de la cuenta de alguien
pick up somebody's tab
(restaurant); pay somebody's check (restaurant); pay somebody's bill (restaurant)

estado de cuenta

extracto de cuentas

hacerse cargo de la cuenta
settle one's bill
(payment); settle up (payment); settle one's account (payment); pay the check (payment)

intervención de cuentas

interventora de cuentas

no contado

pagar la cuenta
pick up the tab
(beverages); pay the check (payment); settle up (payment); pay for the drinks (beverages); settle one's account (payment); settle one's bill (payment)

pagar la cuenta de alguien
pay somebody's check
(restaurant); pick up somebody's tab (restaurant); pay somebody's bill (restaurant)

pagar por algo al contado
buy something outright
(goods); purchase something outright (goods); pay for something outright (goods)

pasar a cuenta nueva
carry over
(accounting); carry forward (accounting)

rendir cuentas
render an explanation
(responsibility); give an explanation (responsibility); render an account (responsibility)

revisión de cuentas

sin contar
exclusive of
(without); apart from (general); excluding (without); not including (without); setting aside (general); without considering (general); not counting (without)

sin darse cuenta
(intention); unintentionally (intention)

sin tener en cuenta
without regard to
(general); setting aside (general); regardless of (behavior); without considering (general); irrespective of (general); apart from (general)

te das cuenta de
just imagine

tener en cuenta
take into account
(plans); calculate in (plans); reckon in (plans); heed (general); give attention to (general)

tener que rendir cuentas a alguien
be answerable to someone
(responsibility); owe someone an explanation (responsibility)

teniendo en cuenta
taking into account
(considering); considering (bearing in mind); given (general); bearing in mind (considering); giving attention to (attention); mindful of (attention)

tomar en cuenta
bear in mind
(consider); consider (bear in mind); take into account (consider)

volver a contar
count again
(number ); recount (number ); retell (general)