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1. content (emotional condition)
2. contented (emotional condition)
3. contentedness (satisfaction)
4. contentment (satisfaction)
5. delighted (emotional condition)
6. glad (emotional condition)
7. happy (emotional condition)
8. joyful (emotional condition)


1. make happy (please)
2. please (make happy)


1. pleased (general)
2. satisfaction (contentment)
3. satisfied (emotional condition)
4. thrilled (emotional condition)

Phrases with contenta found: 41  

Spanish-English dictionary
   nadie está contento con su suerte
  the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Spanish-English dictionary
   tantísimo gusto en conocerle; estoy muy contento de conocerte
  I'm very pleased to meet you

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Tú estás contento con tu carro?
  Are you happy with your car?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Tú estás contento con tus notas?
  Are you happy with your grades?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Amanece Alice contenta?
  Does Alice wake up happy?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Amanece ella contenta todos los días?
  Does she wake up happy every day?

Spanish-English dictionary
   Panza llena, corazón contento.
  Full belly, happy heart.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Yo me voy a poner contento si gano la lotería.
  I am going to be happy if I win the lottery.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Estoy contento que Rob tomó el dinero al banco ayer.
  I am happy that Rob took the money to the bank yesterday.

Spanish-English dictionary
   contentarse con
  settle for (job)

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