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1. against (general)
2. against (suggestion)
3. against (contra)
4. anti (contra)
5. contra (against)
6. opposed to (suggestion)
7. opposed to (contra)
8. versus (contra)

Phrases with  contra

alarma contra robo
burglar alarm

alegar razones contra
argue against

apoyar contra
lean against

apoyarse contra
lean against
(position); rest against (position); recline against (position)

apretarse contra
snuggle up to
(general); cuddle up to (general); nestle up to (general)

brigada contra el vicio
vice squad

chocar contra
collide with
(nautical); strike (objects); hit (nautical); hit (objects); run into (nautical)

contra el viento

cubrirse contra
cover oneself against
(safety); hedge against (safety); safeguard against (safety)

dar contra
(objects); hit (objects)

darse un golpe contra
bump into
(accident); collide with (accident); run into (accident)

desahogar algo contra alguien
work something off on someone
(anger); vent something on someone (anger); take something out on someone (anger)

descargar la bilis contra
take something out on someone
(anger); work something off on someone (anger); vent something on someone (anger)

discriminar en contra de
discriminate against

discutir en contra de
argue against

ejercicio contra incendios
fire drill

el pro y el contra
pros and cons

en contra
(across); crossways (across); across (crossways)

en contra de
(suggestion); opposed to (suggestion)

estar en contra de alguien
be against somebody
(circumstances); not go one's way (circumstances)

estrellarse contra
smash into
(vehicles); collide with (vehicles); crash into (vehicles); bump into (vehicles)

fallar contra
give judgment against
(law); pronounce against (law)

fulminar contra
rail against
(disapproval); fulminate against (disapproval)

hacer campaña en contra de
campaign against
(action); agitate against (action)

hacer una campaña contra
agitate against

ir contra
go against
(principles); be opposite to (principles)

ir en contra
go against
(general); be unfavorable to (general)

lanzar invectivas contra
inveigh against

librar una guerra contra
wage war against
(military); wage war on (military)

lucha contra el fuego

luchar contra
struggle to avoid
(fight off); fight off (resist); battle against (general); resist (fight off)

militar contra
militate against

militar en contra
militate against

murmurar en contra de
murmur at
(disapproval); grumble about (disapproval); grouse about (disapproval); murmur against (disapproval)

poner a uno contra el otro
play off
(people); play off against each other (people)

poner en contra
turn against

ponerse en contra de
turn against
(disagreement); become opposed to (disagreement)

protección contra el viento

proteger contra el sol

protegerse contra
arm oneself against

rebelarse en contra de
rebel against
(disagreement); react against (disagreement)

seguro contra incendios
fire insurance

sublevarse en contra de
react against
(disagreement); rebel against (disagreement)

tomar represalias contra
punish undeservedly
(treatment); victimize (treatment)

tronar contra
rail against
(disapproval); fulminate against (disapproval)

usar algo en contra de alguien
use something against someone

utilizar algo en contra de alguien
use something against someone

volverse en contra de
become opposed to
(disagreement); turn against (disagreement)

votar en contra de
(person); vote against (person); vote against (proposal)

voto en contra
(election); blackballing (general)