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See also: ara, arar, cera,   era, eran, eras, erg, esa, ira, mera, orar, pera, sra, vera

era f

1. age (history)
2. epoch (history)
3. era (period)
4. era (history)
5. period (history)
6. time (past)
7. times (past)


AIDS (medicine)


1. be (general)
2. be (philosophy)
3. being (living being)
4. exist (philosophy)
5. living being (being)
6. living thing (living being)


out (location)

sed f

thirst (physical sensation)

Phrases with era found: 73  

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Le dijo que era inocente?
  Did he tell you that he was innocent?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Te fijaste bien como era?
  Did you see for sure what he looked like?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿No te habías dado cuenta que ya era muy tarde?
  Hadn't you realized it was very late?

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Has preguntado quién era el último?
  Have you asked who was the last one?

Spanish-English dictionary
   Se cayó y se quebró una pierna, lo que era realmente una tragedia.
  He fell and broke a leg, which really was a tragedy.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Esta casa la ha vendido, esa era una idea bastante tonta.
  He has sold this house, that was a quite stupid idea.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Aprendió el francés a través de su novia que era francesa.
  He learned French because of his french girlfriend.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Aprendió el español a través de su novia que era española.
  He learned Spanish because of his Spanish girlfriend.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Dijo que lo importante era entrar en la empresa.
  He said that the important thing was to get into the company.

Spanish-English dictionary
   era glaciar
  ice age (general)

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