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See also: as, das, fas, gas, haber, hai, han,   has, hay, haz, las, vas

haber m

asset (property)

haya f

beech (botany - tree)

haber m

1. debts (accounting)
2. debts payable (accounting)
3. liabilities (accounting)
4. liability (accounting)
5. pecuniary obligations (accounting)


1. there are (existential subject)
2. there is (general)
3. there is (existential subject)
4. there's (general)
5. there's (existential subject)

Phrases with  has

bienes mal habidos
ill-gotten gains

haber algo sospechoso
be suspicious
(doubt); be something fishy about (doubt)

haber detrás de
lie behind

haber gato encerrado
be suspicious
(doubt); be something fishy about (doubt)

haber hecho mal
have done wrong

haber niebla
be foggy

haber perdido
have lost

haber perdido el contacto con
be out of touch with
(person); be out of contact with (person)

haber perdido su razón de ser
outlive its usefulness

haber tormenta
(wind); storm (meteorology)

hombre que ha triunfado por su propio esfuerzo
self-made man

persona que abandona lo que ha iniciado

poder haber sido peor
not be so bad
(result); not be all that bad (result); might have been worse (result)

que se haya registrado
ever recorded
(fact); on record (fact)