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herida f

1. injury (physical)
2. lesion (physical)
3. wound (physical)

herido m

1. casualty (accident - man)
2. casualty (accident - woman)
3. injured (accident - man)
4. injured (accident - woman)
5. victim (accident - man)
6. victim (accident - woman)
7. wounded (physical)


1. cause offense (feelings)
2. give offense (feelings)
3. give umbrage (feelings)
4. hit (gun)
5. hurt (mind)
6. injure (feelings)
7. shoot (gun)
8. wound (physical)

Phrases with  herida

herida física
physical injury
(medicine); bodily harm (medicine)

heridas amorosas
love pangs
(love); pangs of love (love)

heridas de amor
pangs of love
(love); love pangs (love)

herida superficial
flesh wound

herida supurante