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hora f

1. hour (period)
2. moment (general)
3. time (general)
4. time (watch)

Phrases with  hora

a buena hora
in time
(time); betimes (time)

cada hora

cuarto de hora

de última hora

hacer horas extras
work late
(job); work overtime (job)

hora de acostarse

hora de cierre
closing time

hora de comer

hora de Greenwich
Greenwich Mean Time
(time); Greenwich Time (time)

hora de máximo tráfico
rush hour

hora extra
overtime hour
(job); extra hour (job)

hora extraordinaria
extra hour
(job); overtime hour (job)

hora hombre

hora mágica
witching hour

hora oficial
standard time

horas de consulta
office hours

horas de trabajo
working hours

horas extraordinarias
extra hours
(job); overtime (job)

noticia de última hora
news flash
(television); flash (television)

por hora
(wages); hourly (time)

primeras horas
small hours
(general); wee hours (general)

trabajar después de hora
put in overtime
(job); work overtime (job); do overtime (job); work extra hours (job)

trabajar fuera de hora
work late
(job); work overtime (job)

trabajar horas extras
put in overtime
(job); do overtime (job); work overtime (job); work extra hours (job)

veinticuatro horas al día
day and night
(time); around-the-clock (time); day and night (time); round-the-clock (time); around the clock (time); round the clock (time); twenty-four hours a day (time); twenty-four hours a day (time)