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See also:   horrible, horribles


1. awful (degree)
2. awful (behavior)
3. awful (terrible)
4. dire (fear)
5. dreadful (fear)
6. dreadful (feelings)
7. dreadful (fearful)
8. evil (smell)
9. extremely bad (degree)
10. fearful (terrible)
11. foul (smell)
12. ghastly (bad)
13. gruesome (fear)
14. hideous (repugnant)
15. horrible (appearance)
16. horrible (feelings)
17. horrible (monstrous)
18. horrid (appearance)
19. mean (behavior)
20. monstrous (horrible)
21. nasty (smell)
22. nasty (weather)
23. nasty (behavior)
24. repugnant (hideous)
25. splitting (headache)
26. terrible (degree)
27. terrible (fearful)
28. terrible (awful)
29. terrific (awful)
30. unpleasant (behavior)
Phrases with horrible found: 5  

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¡es horrible!
  it's horrible!

Spanish-English dictionary
   Yo tengo un dolor de cabeza horrible.
  I have a horrible headache.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Tengo unos "pelos" horribles, así que tengo que ir a la peluquería urgentemente.
  I have horrible hair, so I have to go urgently to the hairdresser.

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¡Sabe horrible!
  It tastes terrible!

Spanish-English dictionary
   Ayer fue un día horrible.
  Yesterday was a horrible day.

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