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See also:   irritable, irritables


1. bad-tempered (person)
2. bad-tempered (behavior)
3. cranky (person)
4. cranky (behavior)
5. easily offended (behavior)
6. edgy (person)
7. grouchy (person)
8. grumpy (behavior)
9. huffish (behavior)
10. huffy (behavior)
11. ill-humored (behavior)
12. ill-tempered (behavior)
13. irritable (person)
14. irritable (behavior)
15. on edge (person)
16. petulant (behavior)
17. prickly (behavior)
18. sensitive (behavior)
19. testy (behavior)
20. tetchy (behavior)
21. touchy (person)
22. touchy (behavior)
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Spanish-English dictionary
   irritarse por
  become annoyed at (behavior)
  become mad about (behavior)
  chafe at (behavior)

Spanish-English dictionary
   ¿Que tan fuerte es la irritación?
  How much is the irritation?

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