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1. account for (explain)
2. be a good reason for (reason)
3. excuse (behavior)
4. explain (account for)
5. explain satisfactorily (justify)
6. give a good reason for (justify)


1. justified (general)
2. justified (decision)


1. justify (give a good reason for)
2. justify (reason)
3. justify (opinion)
4. justify (action)
5. justify (behavior)
6. substantiate (truth)
7. vindicate (opinion)
8. warrant (action)
Phrases with justificar found: 5  

Spanish-English dictionary
   documento justificativo
  voucher (law)

Spanish-English dictionary
   justificarse por
  answer for (responsibility)
  give account of oneself for (responsibility)
  justify oneself for (responsibility)

Spanish-English dictionary
   sin causa justificada
  without due cause

Spanish-English dictionary
   causa justificada
  reasonable cause

Spanish-English dictionary
   No intento defender ni justificar lo que hacen.
  I'm not trying to defend or justify what they're doing.

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