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juzgado m

1. court (law - people)
2. evaluation (judgment)
3. judgment (evaluation)


1. adjudge (law)
2. adjudicate (law)
3. deem (general)
4. deem (opinion)
5. evaluate (judge)
6. find (opinion)
7. judge (opinion)
8. judge (law)
9. judge (evaluate)
10. look at (general)
11. regard (general)
12. rule (law)
13. try (law)
14. view (general)

Phrases with  juzgado

juzgar mal
(person); be wrong about (person); judge wrongly (person); misjudge (judgment)

juzgar por
try for

ser juzgado por
be tried on a charge of
(law); be tried for (law)