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lado m

1. aspect (side)
2. side (general)
3. side (geometry)
4. side (anatomy)
5. side (aspect)

Phrases with  lado

a ambos lados
on both sides

al lado
(direction); to the side (direction)

al lado de
at the side of
(beside); next to (location); by (location); next to (general); adjoining (general); beside (alongside); near (location); alongside (beside)

al otro lado
(direction); to the other side (direction); across (general)

a un lado
in reserve
(aside); apart (aside); aside (apart); away (aside)

de al lado

dejar a un lado
put aside
(feelings); swallow (feelings)

dejar de lado
(pass by); postpone (time); pass over (pass by); ignore (pass by); pay no attention to (pass by); pass by (pass over); discount (fact); set aside (attention); shelve (time)

de lado
(general); edgeways (general); edgewise (general)

del otro lado de
(space); beyond (space)

de un lado a otro
from side to side
(across); through (adverb); across (from side to side)

echarse a un lado
stand aside

en los dos lados
on both sides

en ningún lado

golpear de un lado a otro
toss back and forth
(games); bandy (games)

hacerse a un lado
stand aside

hacia el otro lado
(direction); to the other side (direction)

huevo frito de un solo lado
egg fried on one side
(culinary); egg sunny-side up (culinary); egg sunny side up (culinary)

lado a lado
(general); abreast (general); side by side (general); side by side (general)

lado de la cama

lado del crédito
creditor side
(accounting); credit side (accounting); credit (accounting)

lado del derecho
plain side

lado del revés
purl side

lado inferior

lado opuesto
far side
(direction); opposite side (direction); other side (direction)

lado pasivo
debtor side
(accounting); liabilities side (accounting); debit (accounting); debit side (accounting)

llevar a ningún lado
lead to nothing
(attempt); lead nowhere (attempt)

moverse de un lado a otro

otro lado
far side
(direction); other side (direction); opposite side (direction)

para todos lados
in every which way
(confusion); all over the place (confusion); in every direction (confusion)

poner a un lado
(general); lay by (general)

por el otro lado
on the other hand

por todos lados
on all sides
(around); here and there (around); about (around); around (here and there); all over (around); around (on all sides)

por un lado
for one thing
(general); on the one hand (general)

ser dejado de lado
be given no more thought
(problem); be put on the back burner (problem)