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parrandista m

1. merrymaker (party - man)
2. merrymaker (party - woman)
3. partier (party - man)
4. partier (party - woman)
5. party animal (party - man)
6. party animal (party - woman)
7. partyer (party - man)
8. partyer (party - woman)
9. partygoer (party - man)
10. partygoer (party - woman)
11. reveler (party - man)
12. reveler (party - woman)
13. reveller (party - man)
14. reveller (party - woman)
Phrases with parrandista found: 3  

Spanish-English dictionary
   Anoche me fui de parranda con los amigos.
  Last night I went partying with some friends.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Nos vamos de parranda todos los fines de semana.
  We go out partying every weekend.

Spanish-English dictionary
   Qué buena parranda la de ayer.
  What a great party yesterday.

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