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1. at a stretch (time)
2. at a time (time)


1. carried on (continued)
2. consecutive (successive)
3. continued (carried on)
4. continuous (continuity)


1. in a row (time)
2. in succession (time)
3. on end (time)


resumed (continued)


running (time)


1. sequential (consecutive)
2. straight (consecutive)
3. successive (consecutive)
4. uninterrupted (continuity)
5. unremitting (continuity)


1. advance (movement)
2. chase (criminal)
3. continue (duration)
4. continue to (continuation)
5. ensue (consequence)
6. follow (general)
7. follow (consequence)
8. follow up (suggestion)
9. go (movement)
10. hunt down (criminal)
11. keep (duration)
12. keep on (continuation)
13. pick up (conversation)
14. proceed (movement)
15. pursue (criminal)
16. resume (conversation)
17. succeed (time)

Phrases with  seguido

en seguida
(at once); at once (promptly); at once (time); right away (time); forthwith (time); immediately (action); immediately (time); at once (action); straight away (time); directly (time); right away (promptly); straightaway (time); instantly (action); instantly (time); pronto (time)

seguir a
(competition); be trailing (competition)

seguir adelante
go on
(effort); keep up (effort); carry on (effort); hang on (effort); drive on (general); continue (effort); go on (position); go ahead (position); press on (general); press ahead (general)

seguir con
continue to work hard at
(activity); stick at (activity)

seguir con la misma canción
hammer away at
(subject); keep going on about (subject)

seguir de cerca
follow up
(patient); tail (police); shadow (police)

seguir demandando
stick out for
(purpose); refuse to accept less than (purpose)

seguir el espíritu de la ley
follow the spirit of the law

seguir hablando sobre
go on about

seguir haciendo
plod on
(work); slave away (work); drudge on (work); plod away (work)

seguir insistiendo
keep going on about
(subject); hammer away at (subject)

seguir la pista a

seguir la pista de
(person); trace (cause); trail (person); track (person); investigate (cause)

seguir mejorando
become better and better

seguir siendo

seguir trabajando
work on
(work); keep on working (work)

seguir trabajando duro en
stick at
(activity); continue to work hard at (activity)