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See also: aseguro,   seguro, seguros


1. authentic (statement)
2. bound (certain)
3. by all means (general)
4. certain (fame)
5. certain (conviction)
6. certain (positive)
7. dependable (statement)
8. insurance (protection)
9. positive (conviction)
10. positive (certain)
11. reliable (statement)
12. safe (risk)
13. safe (danger)
14. safe (place)
15. safety catch (firearms)
16. secure (fame)
17. secure (danger)
18. sure (conviction)
19. sure (certain)
20. without risk (danger)

Phrases with  seguro

demasiado seguro
(behavior ); self-assured (behavior ); self-confident (behavior )

estar seguro
be definite
(fact); tell (certainty); be certain (fact); be sure (certainty); be sure (fact)

estar seguro de
be definite about
(general); be certain about (general)

estar seguro de ganar fácilmente
be in the bag
(victory); be sure to win hands down (victory)

póliza de seguro
insurance policy
(insurance); policy (insurance)

póliza de seguro dotal
endowment insurance
(insurance); endowment policy (insurance)

sacar un seguro
take out insurance
(insurance); take out an insurance (insurance); take out an insurance policy (insurance)

seguro contra incendios
fire insurance

seguro de sí mismo
sure of oneself
(behavior); self-assured (behavior); confident (behavior); assured (behavior); self-confident (behavior)

seguro de vida
life insurance

seguro perdedor