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1. deep (degree)
2. distressing (state)
3. earnest (behavior)
4. grave (circumstances)
5. grave (degree)
6. nasty (severe)
7. precarious (state)
8. serious (state)
9. serious (damage)
10. serious (face)
11. serious (importance)
12. serious (degree)
13. serious (behavior)
14. severe (competition)
15. severe (nasty)
16. sober (behavior)
17. solemn (circumstances)
18. solemn (face)

Phrases with  seria

cometer un serio error
make a grave error
(general); be greatly mistaken (general); be sorely mistaken (general); make a big mistake (general)

en serio
(general); really (exclamation)

hablar en serio
be serious

hablar en serio acerca de
be serious about

no serio
not serious

tomar a alguien en serio
take someone seriously