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1. advantage (benefit)
2. avail (benefit)
3. benefit (help)
4. dish up (food)
5. do (substitute)
6. help (benefit)
7. pour (beverages)
8. pour out (beverages)
9. profit (benefit)
10. serve (general)
11. serve (substitute)
12. serve (sports - tennis)
13. serve (food)
14. serve in a dish (food)

Phrases with  servir

no sirve de nada lamentarse ahora
you can't go back on it now
(error); it's no use crying over spilled milk (error); it's no use crying over spilt milk (error); what's done can't be undone (error)

servir a
wait on

servir a alguien
stand someone in good stead

servir como
serve as
(room); be used as (room); act as (room)

servir con cucharón
(soup); ladle out (soup)