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See also:   sostened, sostener, sostenes


1. affirm (answer)
2. argue for (defend)
3. assert (declare firmly)
4. aver (assert)
5. bear (construction)
6. carry (construction)
7. claim (statement)
8. confirm (truth)
9. contend (statement)
10. declare firmly (assert)
11. defend (support)
12. give strength to (argument)
13. hold (construction)
14. hold up (weight)
15. hold up (construction)
16. keep up (construction)
17. maintain (effort)
18. maintain (statement)
19. prop (general)
20. stand behind (defend)
21. suffer (loss)
22. suffer (damage)
23. support (argument)
24. support (construction)
25. support (defend)
26. sustain (loss)
27. sustain (damage)
28. sustain (weight)
29. sustain (effort)
30. sustain (law)
31. underpin (argument)
32. uphold (tradition)
33. uphold (right)

Phrases with  sostened

que se sostiene por sí mismo

sostener hasta el fin
carry through

sostener una demanda de alguien
sustain someone in his claim
(law); sustain someone's claim (law)

sostenido con pilares