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suerte f

1. chance (general)
2. chance (success)
3. coincidence (general)
4. destiny (future)
5. doom (general)
6. fate (general)
7. fate (future)
8. fluke (success)
9. fortune (success)
10. fortune (future)
11. good fortune (success)
12. lot (future)
13. luck (general)
14. luck (success)

Phrases with  suerte

buena suerte
good fortune
(success); success (wish); luck (success); good luck (wish)

de suerte
by the merest chance
(chance); by a fluke (chance)

echar suertes
draw lots
(chance); draw straws (chance)

estar de mala suerte
be unlucky
(misfortune); be out of luck (misfortune); have bad luck (misfortune); not have good fortune (misfortune); be down on one's luck (misfortune)

estar sin suerte
be down on one's luck
(misfortune); be unlucky (misfortune); not have good fortune (misfortune); be out of luck (misfortune); have bad luck (misfortune)

golpe de suerte
(success); stroke of luck (success); piece of luck (success); lucky break (success)

mejor suerte
many happy returns
(congratulations); good wishes (congratulations); best wishes (congratulations); congratulations (best wishes)

por suerte
(general); thankfully (general); fortunately (general); luckily (general)

probar la suerte
try one's luck

que mala suerte
just my luck

qué mala suerte
what a shame
(interjection); how unfortunate (interjection)

racha de mala suerte
losing streak

racha de suerte
winning streak
(time); piece of luck (success); fluke (success); stroke of luck (success); lucky break (success)

tener mucha suerte
have all the luck

tener suerte
be lucky
(luck); be in luck (luck)

tener una racha de buena suerte
have everything going for oneself
(success); have a lucky streak (success)

tentar la suerte
press one's luck
(risk); push one's luck (risk)