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1. all (quantity)
2. all (person)
3. all (every)
4. all (general)
5. all (general)
6. all things (general)
7. any (person)
8. each (determiner)
9. each thing (general)
10. entirely (general)
11. every (determiner)
12. every (person)
13. every (all)
14. everything (general)
15. everything (general)
16. everything (the most important)
17. the most important (everything)
18. the whole of (quantity)
19. unity (whole)
20. whole (general)
21. whole (unity)

Phrases with  todo

andar destrozándolo todo a su paso
go on the rampage

ante todo
first of all
(degree); above all (degree); most of all (degree)

a todo correr
(haste); in a hurry (haste); posthaste (haste); in a great hurry (haste); hurriedly (haste); in a rush (haste); hastily (haste)

buscar revolviéndolo todo
forage about
(search for); rummage about (search for)

casi todo
almost all
(modifier); most (modifier)

con todo
no matter how
(anyhow); anyhow (in any case); anyway (anyhow); at any rate (anyhow); in any case (anyhow)

con todo éxito
with flying colors

detestar de todo corazón
wholeheartedly detest
(person); wholeheartedly detest (general); detest from the bottom of one's heart (general); detest from the bottom of one's heart (person)

durante todo
(time); all through (time)

en todo caso
(general); anyway (general)

en todo momento
at all times

es todo lo mismo
it's all immaterial to me
(importance); it's all the same to me (importance); it doesn't make any difference to me (importance)

gracias por todo
thank you very much
(general); thank you so much (general); thanks a lot (general); thanks ever so much (general); thanks a million (general)

ir a todo gas
drive at full tilt
(traffic); tear (traffic); drive at a tearing pace (traffic); drive at breakneck speed (traffic); drive at a headlong pace (traffic)

muchas gracias por todo
thanks a lot
(general); thanks a million (general); thank you so much (general); thank you very much (general); thanks ever so much (general)

odiar de todo corazón
wholeheartedly detest
(person); detest from the bottom of one's heart (general); wholeheartedly detest (general); detest from the bottom of one's heart (person)

persona que hace de todo

por todo

por todo el país
(general); nationwide (general)

que lo abarca todo
(general); all-including (general)

que todo lo vence

sobre todo
(importance); especially (particularly); chiefly (importance); mainly (especially); most of all (degree); first of all (degree); above all (degree); particularly (especially); specially (especially); mostly (importance)

tener todo a favor de uno
have everything going for oneself
(success); have a lucky streak (success)

todo el mundo
(general); every person (general); everyone (general); all (general); everyone (pers. pron.

todo el santo día
every other minute
(time); every two minutes (time); every minute of the day (time)

todo el tiempo
all the time
(forever); forever (all the time)

todo incluido
(price); all-in (price); all-inclusive (price)

todo lo que
(quantity); whatever (general)

todo menos
far from
(general); anything but (general)

todo tipo de
all kinds of
(quantity); all sorts of (quantity)

viaje todo organizado
package tour