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1. completely (degree)
2. downright (degree)
3. entirely (degree)
4. fully (degree)
5. plain (degree)
6. quite (degree)
7. totally (degree)
8. utterly (degree)
9. wholly (degree)

Phrases with  totalmente

estaba totalmente silencioso
it was dead quiet
(silence); you could hear a pin drop (silence); it was dead still (silence)

estar totalmente aburrido
be bored to tears
(mental sensation); be bored stiff (mental sensation); be bored to death (mental sensation)

estar totalmente asustado
be scared silly
(fear); be scared stiff (fear); be scared to death (fear); be scared out of one's wits (fear); have a terrible fright (fear)

estar totalmente enamorado
be head over heels in love

estar totalmente equivocado
be sorely mistaken
(general); make a grave error (general); be greatly mistaken (general); make a big mistake (general)

ignorar totalmente a alguien
treat someone as though he wasn't there
(ignore); ignore someone totally (ignore)

ser ignorado totalmente por alguien
be totally ignored by somebody
(ignore); be treated by somebody as though you weren't there (ignore)

ser totalmente igual a
be the spitting image of
(comparison); look exactly like (comparison); look just like (comparison)

ser totalmente olvidado
fall into oblivion
(general); sink into oblivion (general); be completely forgotten (general)

ser totalmente parecido a
be the spitting image of
(comparison); look exactly like (comparison); look just like (comparison)

totalmente desaparecido
totally lost
(general); lost beyond recall (general)

totalmente desnudo
stark naked

totalmente despierto
wide awake

totalmente desproporcionado
out of all proportion

totalmente quieto
completely motionless
(movement); stock-still (movement)

totalmente silencioso
dead quiet
(silence); dead still (silence)

totalmente sin fundamentos
totally unfounded