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See also: fez, hez, pez, tez, ve, veas, ved, ven, venir, veo, ver, ves,   vez, voz

vez f

time (occasion)

Phrases with  vez

a la vez
in one time
(general); in one go (general); all at once (general)

alguna vez
(future); one day (future); ever (future); sometime (future)

a veces
every so often
(time); now and then (time); sometimes (time); on and off (time); every now and again (time); every now and then (time)

bajar otra vez
go down again

cada vez
every time
(general); each time (general)

cada vez más

cada vez que

controlar otra vez
(general); examine again (general); verify again (general)

cuántas veces
how many times
(number )

cuatro veces más
(amount); four times as much (amount)

de una vez
all at once
(general); in one time (general); in one go (general)

de vez en cuando
every so often
(time); every now and then (time); occasionally (general); every now and again (time); on and off (time); now and then (time); sometimes (time)

dos veces
(general); two times (general)

dos veces por mes
twice a month

dos veces por semana
twice a week

en vez de
in place of
(general); instead of (general)

la mayoría de las veces
in most cases
(general); mostly (general)

otra vez
once again
(again); once more (again); anew (again); again (anew); again (once more); afresh (again)

pensar algo dos veces
think better of it
(think); think twice about it (think)

por primera vez
for the first time
(sequence); first (sequence)

repetidas veces
(general); at every turn (general); over and over again (general); time and time again (general)

repetir una y otra vez

tal vez
(possibility); perhaps (possibility); possibly (possibility)

todas las veces
each time
(general); every time (general)

una vez
one time
(number ); one time (quantity); once (number ); once (quantity); once (quantity)

una vez que

una y otra vez
time and time again
(general); over and over again (general); repeatedly (general); at every turn (general)

varias veces
time and time again
(general); over and over again (general); repeatedly (general); at every turn (general)

venir otra vez
call back