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come (general)

venida f

coming (general)

vino m

wine (general)

Phrases with  vienes

barril de vino
wine cask
(container); wine barrel (container)

coche que viene en sentido contrario
oncoming car

dejar de venir
not show up
(visit); cry off (visit)

ir y venir
pace back and forward
(walking); walk around (movement); pace up and down (walking)

ir y venir por

ir y venir regularmente
(shuttle); drive back and forth (commute); shuttle (commute)

no viene al caso
be beside the question

persona venida a menos

tráfico que viene en sentido contrario
oncoming traffic

vaso de vino
(wine); goblet (wine)

venga hombre es increíble
well I'll be damned
(interjection); I do declare (interjection)

venido a menos
(clothing); weakening (flagging); down-at-the-heel (clothing); flagging (weakening); down-at-heel (clothing); slovenly (clothing); shabby (clothing); drooping (flagging)

venir a ser
amount to

venir bien a
be convenient for
(time); suit (time)

venir con
come with
(general); come along (general)

venir de
be from
(general); come from (objects); be from (objects); come from (general)

venir otra vez
call back

vino blanco de mesa
white table wine
(alcoholic beverages)

vino de mesa
table wine
(alcoholic beverages)

vino de resina
(alcoholic beverages)

vino espumoso
sparkling wine
(alcoholic beverages)

vino tinto de mesa
red table wine
(alcoholic beverages)